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(17.73 KB 600x176 ga020211.gif)
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(23.65 KB 600x180 ga020213.gif)
Anonymous 01/26/2019 (Sat) 11:01:02 No. 636
who here loves Garfield?
(23.28 KB 600x179 ga020215.gif)
(23.72 KB 600x180 ga020216.gif)
(58.37 KB 600x402 ga020217.gif)
(24.54 KB 600x179 ga020219.gif)
(21.39 KB 600x180 ga020220.gif)
(19.96 KB 600x179 ga020221.gif)
(16.89 KB 600x181 ga020222.gif)
(23.02 KB 600x179 ga020223.gif)
(68.89 KB 600x403 ga020224.gif)
(21.00 KB 600x179 ga020225.gif)
(21.90 KB 600x180 ga020226.gif)
(20.16 KB 600x178 ga020227.gif)
(24.37 KB 600x179 ga020228.gif)
(24.41 KB 600x180 ga020301.gif)
(22.44 KB 600x180 ga020302.gif)
(52.17 KB 600x402 ga020303.gif)
(25.32 KB 600x179 ga020304.gif)
(29.34 KB 600x179 ga020305.gif)
(27.25 KB 600x180 ga020306l.gif)
(26.84 KB 600x179 ga020307.gif)
(27.04 KB 600x179 ga020308.gif)
(27.35 KB 600x180 ga020309.gif)
(58.29 KB 600x402 ga020310.gif)
(17.42 KB 600x177 ga020311.gif)
(21.20 KB 600x178 ga020312.gif)
(27.56 KB 600x178 ga020313.gif)
(15.58 KB 600x179 ga020314.gif)
(22.82 KB 600x179 ga020315.gif)
(22.63 KB 600x178 ga020316.gif)
(71.14 KB 600x403 ga020317.gif)
(17.13 KB 600x178 ga020318.gif)
(26.90 KB 600x178 ga020319.gif)
(25.55 KB 600x179 ga020320l.gif)
(26.30 KB 600x179 ga020321.gif)
(22.53 KB 600x179 ga020322.gif)
(20.83 KB 600x179 ga020323.gif)
(62.20 KB 600x401 ga020324.gif)
(22.07 KB 600x179 ga020325.gif)
(14.23 KB 600x179 ga020326.gif)
(22.32 KB 600x177 ga020327.gif)
(21.26 KB 600x179 ga020328.gif)
(24.36 KB 600x179 ga020329.gif)
(14.54 KB 600x179 ga020330.gif)
(47.87 KB 600x403 ga020331.gif)
(29.35 KB 600x180 ga020401.gif)
(29.36 KB 600x179 ga020402.gif)
(33.61 KB 600x179 ga020403.gif)
(26.28 KB 600x180 ga020404.gif)
(27.27 KB 600x179 ga020405.gif)
(27.54 KB 600x179 ga020406.gif)
(46.24 KB 600x398 ga020407.gif)
(20.13 KB 600x177 ga020408.gif)
(23.06 KB 600x178 ga020409.gif)
(21.08 KB 600x179 ga020410.gif)
(15.51 KB 600x179 ga020411.gif)
(26.37 KB 600x178 ga020412.gif)
(23.73 KB 600x178 ga020413.gif)
(61.49 KB 600x404 ga020414.gif)
(23.09 KB 600x179 ga020415.gif)
(23.51 KB 600x178 ga020416.gif)
(19.89 KB 600x179 ga020417.gif)
(26.17 KB 600x178 ga020418.gif)
(26.67 KB 600x179 ga020419.gif)
(20.64 KB 600x179 ga020420.gif)
(45.97 KB 600x404 ga020421.gif)
(16.57 KB 600x179 ga020422.gif)
(20.13 KB 600x178 ga020423.gif)
(23.32 KB 600x179 ga020424.gif)
(22.74 KB 600x179 ga020425.gif)
(20.08 KB 600x178 ga020426.gif)
(22.99 KB 600x178 ga020427.gif)
(51.58 KB 600x401 ga020428.gif)
(22.02 KB 600x179 ga020429.gif)
(26.32 KB 600x179 ga020430.gif)
(40.95 KB 600x400 ga020505.gif)
(16.48 KB 600x179 ga020506.gif)
(18.69 KB 600x178 ga020507.gif)
(24.27 KB 600x178 ga020508.gif)
(24.61 KB 600x178 ga020509.gif)
(16.46 KB 600x197 ga020518.gif)
(53.21 KB 600x399 ga020519.gif)
(53.04 KB 600x403 ga020707.gif)
(21.70 KB 600x178 ga020708.gif)
(21.05 KB 600x177 ga020709.gif)
(23.03 KB 600x178 ga020710.gif)
(25.73 KB 600x179 ga020712.gif)
(19.35 KB 600x179 ga020715.gif)
(19.21 KB 600x177 ga020716.gif)
(25.33 KB 600x178 ga020719.gif)
(21.42 KB 600x178 ga020720.gif)
(60.25 KB 600x401 ga020721.gif)
(24.36 KB 600x177 ga020724.gif)
(25.88 KB 600x178 ga020725.gif)
(20.68 KB 600x179 ga020730.gif)
(23.91 KB 600x179 ga020801.gif)
(16.39 KB 600x179 ga020803.gif)
(30.28 KB 600x180 ga020805.gif)
(28.93 KB 600x179 ga020807.gif)
(27.64 KB 600x179 ga020809.gif)
(28.89 KB 600x179 ga020810.gif)
(30.63 KB 600x179 ga020812.gif)
(25.62 KB 600x179 ga020814.gif)
(17.18 KB 600x179 ga020816.gif)
(50.17 KB 600x400 ga020818.gif)
(16.29 KB 600x178 ga020819.gif)
(29.93 KB 600x179 ga020821.gif)
(20.55 KB 600x179 ga020822.gif)
(21.80 KB 600x179 ga020823.gif)
(19.93 KB 600x179 ga020824.gif)
(22.14 KB 600x179 ga020826.gif)
(26.45 KB 600x178 ga020827.gif)
(25.66 KB 600x179 ga020829.gif)
(25.80 KB 600x178 ga020830.gif)
(22.65 KB 600x179 ga020831.gif)
(22.57 KB 600x179 ga020905.gif)
(70.79 KB 600x401 ga020908.gif)
(22.44 KB 600x178 ga020910.gif)
(139.87 KB 600x543 garfield22.jpg)
(82.60 KB 500x338 Favim.com-19058.jpg)
(1.86 MB 1523x2048 Screenshot_20190329-201454.png)
(108.78 KB 1000x666 D2yFxcIVYAMiU3R.jpeg)
(118.04 KB 1000x666 D2yFw3NUkAIzIaz.jpeg)
Jon help it'҉s happening a҉gain
(23.68 KB 600x178 ga020911.gif)
(20.30 KB 600x179 ga020912.gif)
(21.16 KB 600x178 ga020914.gif)
(83.68 KB 600x400 ga020915.gif)
(26.44 KB 600x177 ga020917.gif)
(17.13 KB 600x178 ga020926.gif)
(25.02 KB 600x179 ga020927.gif)
(21.83 KB 600x178 ga020928.gif)
(70.38 KB 600x401 ga020929.gif)
(16.82 KB 600x179 ga020930.gif)
(23.06 KB 600x179 ga021001.gif)
(24.63 KB 600x178 ga021002.gif)
(23.83 KB 600x178 ga021003.gif)
(24.28 KB 600x179 ga021004.gif)
(27.50 KB 600x178 ga021005.gif)
(59.73 KB 600x401 ga021006.gif)
(21.77 KB 600x180 ga021007.gif)
(21.27 KB 600x178 ga021008.gif)
(22.08 KB 600x177 ga021009.gif)
(20.26 KB 600x179 ga021010.gif)
(21.62 KB 600x179 ga021011.gif)
(13.55 KB 600x178 ga021012.gif)
(42.99 KB 600x400 ga021013.gif)
(24.42 KB 600x179 ga021014.gif)
(24.05 KB 600x181 ga021015.gif)
(29.11 KB 600x180 ga021016.gif)
(22.03 KB 600x179 ga021017.gif)
(22.29 KB 600x178 ga021018.gif)
(19.70 KB 600x179 ga021019.gif)
(20.50 KB 600x177 ga021021.gif)
(22.69 KB 600x178 ga021022.gif)
(20.92 KB 600x179 ga021023.gif)
(21.32 KB 600x177 ga021024.gif)
(15.29 KB 600x179 ga021025.gif)
(28.59 KB 600x177 ga021026.gif)
(61.62 KB 600x401 ga021027.gif)
(22.28 KB 600x179 ga021028.gif)
(24.36 KB 600x178 ga021029.gif)
(22.21 KB 600x179 ga021030.gif)
(275.29 KB 591x392 2845.png)
(23.63 KB 600x179 ga021031.gif)
(24.49 KB 600x178 ga021101.gif)
(21.68 KB 600x178 ga021102.gif)
(53.78 KB 600x401 ga021103.gif)
(26.24 KB 600x178 ga021104.gif)
(22.64 KB 600x179 ga021105.gif)
(13.51 KB 600x178 ga021106.gif)
(36.88 KB 600x180 ga021107.gif)
(22.06 KB 600x181 ga021108.gif)
(18.42 KB 600x179 ga021109.gif)
(65.82 KB 600x400 ga021110.gif)
(20.59 KB 600x178 ga021111.gif)
(19.72 KB 600x179 ga021112.gif)
(20.47 KB 600x179 ga021113.gif)
(21.43 KB 600x179 ga021114.gif)
(23.35 KB 600x180 ga021115.gif)
(20.37 KB 600x179 ga021116.gif)
(59.27 KB 600x400 ga021117.gif)
(25.40 KB 600x176 ga021118.gif)
(19.61 KB 600x178 ga021119.gif)
(22.32 KB 600x177 ga021120.gif)
(23.68 KB 600x176 ga021121.gif)
(32.35 KB 600x177 ga021123.gif)
(54.78 KB 600x400 ga021124.gif)
(16.87 KB 600x177 ga021125.gif)
(25.09 KB 600x177 ga021126.gif)
(21.06 KB 600x177 ga021127.gif)
(22.70 KB 600x178 ga021128.gif)
(26.09 KB 600x177 ga021129.gif)
(17.08 KB 600x178 ga021130.gif)
(70.27 KB 600x399 ga021201.gif)
(22.90 KB 600x177 ga021202.gif)
(28.45 KB 600x177 ga021203.gif)
(27.59 KB 600x176 ga021204.gif)
(25.07 KB 600x176 ga021205.gif)
(31.22 KB 600x177 ga021206.gif)
(24.12 KB 600x177 ga021207.gif)
(56.42 KB 600x401 ga021208.gif)
(20.52 KB 600x178 ga021209.gif)
(15.08 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Hey these are pretty funny
(24.89 KB 600x178 ga021210.gif)
(23.01 KB 600x177 ga021211.gif)
(25.95 KB 600x178 ga021212.gif)
(26.52 KB 600x179 ga021213.gif)
(25.18 KB 600x178 ga021214.gif)
(57.09 KB 600x400 ga021215.gif)
(22.88 KB 600x177 ga021216.gif)
(21.94 KB 600x178 ga021217.gif)
(21.62 KB 600x177 ga021218.gif)
(20.38 KB 600x177 ga021219.gif)
(18.04 KB 600x177 ga021220.gif)
(20.58 KB 600x177 ga021221.gif)
(48.27 KB 600x399 ga021222.gif)
(27.24 KB 600x178 ga021223.gif)
(18.96 KB 600x177 ga021224.gif)
(16.11 KB 600x178 ga021225.gif)
(18.98 KB 600x179 ga021226.gif)
(24.25 KB 600x178 ga021227.gif)
(20.60 KB 600x179 ga021228.gif)
(70.50 KB 600x400 ga021229.gif)
(25.54 KB 600x178 ga021230.gif)
(20.17 KB 600x178 ga021231.gif)
(23.32 KB 600x177 ga030101.gif)
(24.34 KB 600x179 ga030102.gif)
(22.15 KB 600x177 ga030103.gif)
(27.40 KB 600x177 ga030104.gif)
(69.49 KB 600x398 ga030105.gif)
(23.56 KB 600x177 ga030106.gif)
(22.34 KB 600x177 ga030107.gif)
(31.29 KB 600x180 ga030108.gif)
(19.93 KB 600x178 ga030109.gif)
(26.86 KB 600x178 ga030110.gif)
(19.84 KB 600x177 ga030111.gif)
(87.96 KB 600x399 ga030112.gif)
(22.25 KB 600x177 ga030113.gif)
(24.38 KB 600x176 ga030114.gif)
(22.20 KB 600x179 ga030115.gif)
(17.61 KB 600x177 ga030116.gif)
(21.08 KB 600x176 ga030117.gif)
(23.08 KB 600x176 ga030118.gif)
(61.26 KB 600x398 ga030119.gif)
(21.84 KB 600x178 ga030120.gif)
(18.81 KB 600x177 ga030121.gif)
(23.92 KB 600x177 ga030122.gif)
(24.90 KB 600x178 ga030123.gif)
(27.67 KB 600x179 ga030125.gif)
(45.15 KB 600x402 ga030126.gif)
(22.99 KB 600x178 ga030127.gif)
(21.10 KB 600x178 ga030128.gif)
(24.88 KB 600x177 ga030129.gif)
(29.06 KB 600x177 ga030130.gif)
(23.63 KB 600x177 ga030131.gif)
(26.18 KB 600x178 ga030201.gif)
(87.49 KB 600x399 ga030202.gif)
(19.23 KB 600x177 ga030203.gif)
(25.39 KB 600x177 ga030204.gif)
(24.73 KB 600x179 ga030205.gif)
(20.94 KB 600x180 ga030206.gif)
(24.50 KB 600x177 ga030207.gif)
(21.00 KB 600x178 ga030208.gif)
(72.09 KB 600x402 ga030209.gif)
(24.31 KB 600x177 ga030210.gif)
(24.68 KB 600x177 ga030211.gif)
(24.64 KB 600x178 ga030212.gif)
(21.70 KB 600x177 ga030213.gif)
(19.85 KB 600x177 ga030214.gif)
(23.36 KB 600x176 ga030215.gif)
(55.87 KB 600x401 ga030216.gif)
(19.31 KB 600x178 ga030217.gif)
(27.13 KB 600x178 ga030218.gif)
(23.64 KB 600x179 ga030219.gif)
(22.57 KB 600x179 ga030220.gif)
(25.82 KB 600x179 ga030221.gif)
(24.82 KB 600x178 ga030222.gif)
(48.48 KB 600x401 ga030223.gif)
(22.86 KB 600x179 ga030224.gif)
(21.96 KB 600x177 ga030225.gif)
(22.02 KB 600x178 ga030226.gif)
Hello anon this is Jim Davis please remove my comics from your web portal. This content is is violating the copy rights held by Paws Inc. after much thought I'm forced to do this.

This letter is official notification under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (”DMCA”), and I seek the removal of the aforementioned infringing material from your servers. I request that you immediately notify the infringer of this notice and inform them of their duty to remove the infringing material immediately, and notify them to cease any further posting of infringing material to your server in the future.

Please also be advised that law requires you, as a service provider, to remove or disable access to the infringing materials upon receiving this notice. Under US law a service provider, such as yourself, enjoys immunity from a copyright lawsuit provided that you act with deliberate speed to investigate and rectify ongoing copyright infringement. If service providers do not investigate and remove or disable the infringing material this immunity is lost. Therefore, in order for you to remain immune from a copyright infringement action you will need to investigate and ultimately remove or otherwise disable the infringing material from your servers with all due speed should the direct infringer, your client, not comply immediately.

I am providing this notice in good faith and with the reasonable belief that rights my company owns are being infringed. Under penalty of perjury I certify that the information contained in the notification is both true and accurate, and I have the authority to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright(s) involved.

Should you wish to discuss this with me please contact me directly

Automated copyright thing.
Hi Jim I'm a longtime fan of your work, I've been reading Garfield comics since 2018. Would you be interested in doing a q&a session on the 30yobs.com web zone? Please respond

(1.23 MB 1062x1235 cll6scm4oxk21.png)
Please tell us how this makes you feel
(947.15 KB 1290x2048 Screenshot_20190414-210137.png)
Hi Jim,

I've been reading your Garfield comics since I was a small child. Can you please explain how you came up with the concept of Garfield Eats, and when is the service coming to Australia? Thanks for all the amazing art you've given to the world.

(95.70 KB 1433x820 unknown-1.png)
I fucking love our divine leader
(251.82 KB 1498x828 image0-9-1.jpg)
(177.26 KB 300x590 b235cd3.png)
(61.91 KB 950x330 20200807_101507.jpg)

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